Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Boss: a largely pointless ramble with no definite conclusion

This time last week, hell, 8.54am Tuesday morning, who would have thought I would have a brand new boss? A brand new boss to impress.
So, fine, having a new boss is invigorating, of course it is. But damn, when am given actual cash to look good, well, pressure's on to look pretty damn hot tomorrow. That scares me. Furthermore, am going through a dry spell regarding selling store cards. This is bad. Very very fucking seriously bad. Need at least 3 tomorrow to make an impression. Haven't had 3 all week.
So, tomorrow's goal: 3 store cards, 1 (at least) outfit sold for over £150 (a week before payday...) and catch at least one shoplifter. All whilst smiling and looking shit hot.
You know when you feel that this really just isn't your life? Urgh.... could ponder more but need to take rollers out and finish reading Vogue.
Besides. Got to be positive or I'll communicate negative energies to those I encounter and no outfits or store cards will be sold....
And I have met the new boss. He seems nice. He does.
It'll be fine! But really my friends, this just doesn't seem like my life. I had such high hopes. Accepted for MA in geet big elitist uni, and I am doing this. Yah. Heh. Stay tuned...
(Tomorrow can guarantee I will be radiating positivity and happiness - not cos am confident that I'll pull it all off, though well I might, but because I've scheduled sex. They say that's the kiss of death to one's sex life, but I happen to disagree)
Updated: Good start for the new boss: he called in sick. Nice. Won't work with him 'til Wednesday now.

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