Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Because I'm uninspired

This meme was found during an extended blog-surfing session (you have no idea how much I have wasted today). Happily, I have noticed that half the questions are missing AFTER I finished filling in the fucker. That makes it the most pointless bastard meme ever found in the blogosphere.
Nevertheless, I'm not bitter. Hat-tip to Joyful Mayhem.

1. 4th grade teacher's name:I honestly honestly cannot remember.

2. Last words you said to dad:“Fuck off to Australia, then.” And then he did. Two years ago.

3. Last song you sang:'Case of the Ex' by Mya.

4. Last person you hugged:My lad.

5. Last thing you laughed at:
This morning, when my drinking buddy called my friend "an upright pig", blamed the decline of the Sunderland ship industry on him and then said, "I'm going to do a DNA test on your family, that'll wipe the smile off your face". His insults far more inventive than mine, I feel.

6. Last time you said I don't remember?
Just before. 4th Year teacher thing.

7. Last time you cried:
On Saturday tears were shed, but I'd hardly call it crying. More not getting my own way.

9. What color socks are you wearing:I'm barefoot.

10. What's under your bed:Oh, just stuff.

11. What time did you wake up today:10.30 (what? Day off!)

12. Current Taste:

13. Current hair:Fucking desperate to be straightened. It's actually matted at the back.

15. Current annoyance:You know, you put me on the spot and my mind goes blank!

16. Current longing:That I wasn't so damn restless.

17. Current desktop picture?:
The header on my blog. Am so loving Ellen Von Unwerth at the moment.

26. If you could play any instrument:Wish I could play the piano better.

27. Favorite colors:Grey and blue.

29. How tall are you:5'10''

30. Current favorite word/saying:
"yee know too much"

31. Favorite book:Fed up with being asked that just as much as your fed up with reading it.

32. favorite season:Autumn.

36. What is your career going to be like?
Fucking mint. What my career is going to BE however, I'm not so sure.

37. How many kids do you want:Can't make me!


39. Said "I love you" and meant it:yes

40. Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish:No, but Boyfriend tried to stare out a squirrel.

41. Been to New York:

42. Been to Canada:

43. Been to California:

44. Been to Hawaii:

45. Been to Mexico:No

46. Been to China:

48. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day:

52. Do you have a crush on someone:
He wishes.

53. What book are you reading now:
He wishes.

55. What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning:Really have no idea. Does anyone?

56. How many rings before you answer:However long it takes to get to it.

57. Future daughter's names:Chlamydia.

58. Future son's names:
Malcom (that'll teach 'em to be born)

59. What do you sleep with:
Nothing if I can help it. That sounds terrible in light of the previous post! Ah, but it's true.

61. Where are you:Desk.

62. Where do you wish you were:Underneath Boyfriend.

63. Piercings:ears

64. Tattoos:no


67. What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use:Pantene.

69. What clothes do you sleep in:

70. Who is the last person that called you:

71. Where do you want to get married:
Don't really mind, actually. We've had this chat. We're not arsed. I think we just want to be married and not have to be arsed with actually getting married.

72. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be:Be a bit tidier.

73. Hate:
[see most if not all entries of this blog]

74. Been In Love:

75. Are you timely or always late:
Deliberately late. Hate being kept waiting.

76. Do you have a job:I do

77. Do you like being around people:Heh

78. Best feeling in the world:
The penny dropping with something dead dead hard.

80. Are you a health freak:
Oh aye.

82. Are u lonely right now:"u"? And no, I'm not.


87. puked:

88. Bought something:Cat litter

89. Gotten Sick:

90. Sang:Yes (Case of the Ex)

91. Said I Love You:

92. Talked To A Friend You Havent Seen In A While:

94. Moved On:From this never ending meme I wish I hadn't started? No.

95. Talked To Someone:Yes.

96. Had a serious talk:Yes, Boyfriend re. job

97. Missed Someone:

98. Hugged Someone:

99. Yelled at Someone:Bound to have... The dog I think. Must have done.

100. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With:I did as it happens.

Friday, September 1, 2006

I'm so excited!!

And again I'm being a blog tease. You know when I said last week I was going to do something exciting? Well we half did it. I think that it should be done today! BUT I swear whether it happens or not, I will update today when I get home. Promise.
Updated!! Yeah baby! I'm updating and we did the exciting thing! We officially got engaged! My and Boyfriend, I mean. We got a proper ring with a diamond and he asked me to marry him!
Thing is, it's always been understood that we were going to eventually marry. We did agree to it a while ago, but we never did the ring thing. In fact, I always wore a ring he found God knows where for a sort of 'for now' ring. He said last week perhaps we could think about getting a proper one. And we did! And he did the whole "will you marry me?" which I wasn't expecting. It was lovely and very romantic, but you'll forgive me for not blogging the ins and outs, won't you? Wish I had a digital camera! So pretty!