Friday, September 1, 2006

I'm so excited!!

And again I'm being a blog tease. You know when I said last week I was going to do something exciting? Well we half did it. I think that it should be done today! BUT I swear whether it happens or not, I will update today when I get home. Promise.
Updated!! Yeah baby! I'm updating and we did the exciting thing! We officially got engaged! My and Boyfriend, I mean. We got a proper ring with a diamond and he asked me to marry him!
Thing is, it's always been understood that we were going to eventually marry. We did agree to it a while ago, but we never did the ring thing. In fact, I always wore a ring he found God knows where for a sort of 'for now' ring. He said last week perhaps we could think about getting a proper one. And we did! And he did the whole "will you marry me?" which I wasn't expecting. It was lovely and very romantic, but you'll forgive me for not blogging the ins and outs, won't you? Wish I had a digital camera! So pretty!

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