Sunday, October 22, 2006

How many days will it be...

....before I am properly poorly?
This morning decided to go for a wee walk down by the river. It was a last moment thing, was actually just going to grab The Telegraph and head home, but I thought no, I'll have a wee walk. Despite, oh yes, wearing my work shoes.
Unperturbed by gathering clouds I took this walk. And grand it was. And then the deluge. Absolute deluge.
So, I tried my best to get home, I really did, but I was confronted with the stream. I only had a few options: 1) Jump over the stream, slip in the mud most likely and break something or 2) Walk up the stream and get on to the road.
Well, the rain was coming down fast, and the mud was really really deep. Deep as in suck you in deep. I couldn't go back the way I came because the mud was making fairly dangerous and I had no wish to drown in it or the river, so I walked up the stream.
In my work shoes? Hell fucking no, I wear them every day.
Nope, I did it barefoot. I really had no other option.
So how long will it be before I get the flu?

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